Saturday, May 22, 2010

Top Six for Six Years

It's our six year anniversary today... and, like the year we were married, it falls on a Saturday. The Saturday we were married: 90 degrees, deafening chirp of cicadas, thick humidity. Today: a temperate 60 degrees, an afternoon shower, still and quiet outside. What both days have in common: I am with this amazing person that I get to call my husband.

In honor of this day, I thought that rather than sharing more of the sentimental words that come so naturally but that you may be just a little bit tired of, I thought I would look back at six of my favorite blog posts about Ben, our marriage, that sort of thing.

The bathing strike. I am happy to inform you that all members of the family have more conventional bathing practices these days.

Ben as a teacher.

Valentine's day with two cute girls waiting tables.

Ben in an apron.

In honor of our five year anniversary, in the thick of life with small children.

A small getaway.

Whew, that was fun to gather up! It really is amazing how many different facets of a person you discover through marriage. And with that, my friends, I am off to a romantic dinner with my husband with no children. It will be bliss.


One and Doll said...

Happy Anniversary- and Happy Birthday- we miss you guys like crazy....we should start planning a vacation like 3 years from now together.....

Lauren said...

Ditto- Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! I hope I have as many beautiful memories and things to be thankful for on my 6th wedding anniversary! I also love the collection of postings- could you just keep doing that every few months, for those of us that just can't seem to manage to follow everyday? It really helps hit the high points that we missed. O;)

Once Upon A Parent said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary too! What a sweet couple you two make. I hope you are enjoying your evening.

Kerry said...

What a sweet idea! Happy Anniversary!