Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Bike to Work Day

We did it, did you? Well... when you work at home, you've sort of got to do something extra, so we biked one town over to one of the official "bike to work" rest stops: quite the fun little morning trip, especially when in the company of a good friends. They even had free bananas and refreshments... quite enjoyed by the little ones, as you can see.

Ben did it, too. I'll have to add a picture of him later. He's just too cute on his bike.

(btw, not my bike... maybe one day I'll upgrade from my ramshackle rebuilt hybrid. ;-)


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

One thing I'm loving these days is that I can ride my bike again {my doctor and my husband banished the idea while I was pregnant}. Happy cycling!

Adele said...

Christian, I get that feeling-- this is the first summer when I'm not pregnant or toting a teeny newborn in many years, so it's been very freeing and wonderful to be able to ride around with the children!