Monday, February 16, 2009


Friday afternoon we headed out to Middleburg, a tiny town half way between here and the mountains. Ben had told me that we were staying at a B&B, but didn't give any details, so as we pulled up to a beautiful house on a farm, I was totally surprised!
Here's the view from our room the night that we arrived:
We went out to dinner in Middleburg, got to see some amazing stars, and had the chance to spend some time together sans baby. Now, I must admit-- Ben and I are pretty good at making time for each other even with a toddler around. If anything, having a baby has increased our one-on-one time, seeing as how the baby is in bed at 7:30, and we have a long evening together at home every night. But there are little things that we miss about the pre-baby days-- being able to hold hands on walks, being able to take long walks, being able to linger at the dinner table. They're all superficial and temporary, but it was nice to be able to spend some time together without any constraints. It was romantic and felt very luxurious, and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

In the morning we had breakfast, hunted for a decent cup of coffee in town (which we never found... those country folk don't seem to understand the concept of strong coffee), found an abandoned house to explore, and did a wine tasting at a vineyard before heading home (I let Ben do most of the tasting, but come on-- even pregnant women have to live a little). And I was even good at not being the overly-worried mama. I only called home once to check in on Zosia, and apparently she absolutely loved spending time with her Baba.

The weekend leaves me feeling full and joyful and very much in love.

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