Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Years Later

This morning I crawled out of bed (with a baby in my arms and spit up all over my pjs) to one of my favorite sights in the world: my husband playing with our toddler, both smiling. I rounded the corner to the dining room to get a cup of coffee, and was greeted with a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne on our dining room table. Our Anniversary! Not any anniversary, but our 5 year anniversary!

Being married to Ben has been the single most unmerited gift of my life. The other day, Ben noticed that our extremely high maintenance plant, which he just watered the other day, was looking droopy again. So he just headed to the kitchen and filled a glass of water-- and walked back and forth between the kitchen and deck, SIX times in order for that plant to look healthy again. I would have just let it die-- but Ben had it in his heart to take care of it. Which is why I am the luckiest woman in the world, and our daughters the luckiest girls. And he's a cutie.

Every year our Anniversary/ my birthday seem to fall on memorial day weekend. Which means that these days, everyone we know is out of town, and so we can't really "get away" or even "go out" that easily. But to be totally honest, I am so looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow Ben and I get to sneak out for a breakfast date, and then we'll have some time to appreciate the family that the past five years of marriage has brought us. For our ten year anniversary, it will probably be no problem to go backpacking or traveling for the weekend-- with or without kids. But on our five year anniversary we are knee deep in the joys and surprises of having small children-- and each other.

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One and Doll said...

mmm- such wonderfulness in this posting. THank you for sharing!!!!