Monday, September 22, 2014


::Clara, quick to smile and embark on any new adventure (with a shiner to prove it!).
::Dorothy, taking in the world from our arms before stepping out into it.
::Quite the twin team, if you ask me (Clara on left, Dorothy on right)
::Wait, neither of these two are twins!  Oh well, they're so cute I couldn't help myself.

We have been trying to figure out just how these two twins are different from one another from the day they were born.  In the first few months there were physical differences (Clara had a redder skin tone, and some bruising around her eyes, Dorothy has a tell tale birth mark on her bum).  And early on I think I would say that Clara was more calm, and Dorothy was more interactive.  But really, at the end of the day, the babies have always been quite similar!  They are masters at tricking one of their parents (ahem... Ben... ahem), but I will admit that even I have occasionally placed them in the wrong crib by mistake, only to realize my error in the morning.  

Many of the really obvious physical differences have disappeared.  Clara and Dorothy are almost exactly the same height and weight, their hair is the same.  If I were to say how I tell them apart, it's just by looking them straight on in the eyes: their face shape is slightly different, and that's the trick.  But even beyond the physical characteristics, they are very similar to one another in general.  Their likes and dislikes are the same.  They even seem to like the same foods, which can change from day to day.  So in many ways, parenting identical twins is a walk in the park!  These days it feels like having a single baby that is just particularly difficult to carry.

But slowly, we have started to notice distinct personalities emerging.  It really is pretty magical to watch it unfold.  Dorothy is a little more cautious, holding closer to me and Ben.  She likes to take things in from our arms first, and ventures out once she feels safe.  During the first few minutes in a new place or setting, she checks in with us often.  Clara is a little more independent and bold.  She smiles quickly at new faces, and takes off right away, no assurance necessary.  But before you think you can put their personalities in a box, things switch around when Clara and Dorothy are playing just with one another!  Dorothy is the assertive one, Clara is the one often left confused with a toy snatched from her hand.  They have their own little vibe going on, and they are highly aware of one another, crawling next to one another like a set of horses pulling a wagon.

 I can just see how these girls are going to lean on one another through life, counting on one another's strengths and not really knowing what life looks like without a sister by your side.  And we are so excited to watch it all happen!


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Your girls are beautiful.. I have twin granddaughters that will be 10 in November [oh where did the time go?]

They are totally opposite. One is all femine and girly, the other is more tomboy. Both with big ole hearts, and love each other. They are in the same room at school [only one class room, small school].. They play together, form friends togehter, and love being twins.. Even though they are different, the still cling to each otheR. Such sweet girls.

Adele said...

Judy, thank you for sharing that story! I LOVE hearing stories about twins, and can't wait to see what the years hold for our own twinsies. :-)