Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The World's Best

Whenever I am looking online for a recipe, I always preface my search with "the world's best."  Beef soup?  "The world's best beef soup."  Apple crisp?  "The world's best apple crisp."  I would say that about half the time when I'm cooking, I fly by the seat of my pants, trying to remember any tricks I might have learned along the way, a quarter of the time I use a tried and true recipe from an old fashioned cookbook, and a quarter of the time I go ahead and make the world's best.  I mean, if it's available as an option, why not, right?

And even though this is probably one of the more ridiculous things that I do (and will occasionally land you on some dodgy website leaving you to wonder why, exactly this is the world's best?  I mean, what governing body actually chose this recipe?  How does the internet work, anyway??), it has yielded astonishingly good results!  This is how I have found both my pulled pork recipe, and my chocolate chip cookie recipe, both of which, I venture to say, are actually the world's best.  I would say they're my signature dishes, actually!

So yesterday when I wanted to try something new when roasting a chicken (which I do practically every week on auto pilot, yielding tasty results), I utilized my tried and true internet trick and.............drumroll was pretty awesome!  I was stunned to see that they ask you to roast the chicken at 450 (!) for an hour, and even more surprised by the simplicity of the recipe, but it was delicious in the end, and there was scarcely enough meat left on the bones to make a stock.  So there you go, the world's best roast chicken.

The past week or two, we have settled into a really wonderful rhythm that leaves a lot of time for reading to Hugo, time for nature walks, and even a regular laundry routine (which indubitably results in baskets of laundry all around the house, which I am embracing as a sort of ordinary beauty).  We have been wearing long sleeves and making soups and curries for dinner, and I am once again remembering that fall is my *favorite* season of all.  What a wonderful turning inward: into our homes, relationships, selves.  Happy fall, friends!


Margo said...

what a clever recipe search!

and I love the idea of laundry as ordinary beauty - I love the color combos that happen randomly, and I have often taken photos because it just pleases my eye so much. hmmmmm. could be very fun to have a laundry-day beauty post occasionally. . .

Adele said...

Ooh, what a good idea! I'm with you!