Friday, January 10, 2014

The Week in Pictures

:: Check out my newly acquired twin skills: holding to babies at once.  Oh yeah.
::Have I mentioned that Hugo is obsessed with the twins?
::It takes just about all of the other members of the family to protect the twins from Hugo's affection.  There is a lot of kissing going on.  And at least one shared runny nose: the price of love, I suppose.
::Zosia has decided to learn how to cook, just in time.  This week she made fried eggs, pancakes, and french toast.  I'm glad someone is being productive in the kitchen (actually, I couldn't be happier with our current setup, which involves eating all of the delicious food that friends and family members have brought by.  Apparently our friends are much better cooks than we are).
::Babies are actually only mildly amusing, it turns out.  But every awake period they provide a few minutes of good entertainment for the older kids.
::We are back to homeschooling this week (and Ben is leaning back towards work).  I am finding I have less time for formal instruction, which means a lot of random craft projects.  Noodle necklaces made the cut.
::Of all the kids, Lily seems the least affected by the arrival of the twins.  She just sort of carries on as the middle child, right in the center of the action, wherever that might be.  Zosia has "taken" Clara as her twin, which means that Lily gets Dorothy.
::I think that breastfeeding is now either a major hobby of mine, or a part time job.  Today I did an entire math lesson (for Zosia) and reading lesson (for Lily) while breastfeeding two babies.  Sometimes I tandem feed, and sometimes I feed one baby at a time, because it's just so wonderful to be able to give each of the babies some individual attention.
::Have I mention he loves the babies?  Wow, he's going to make a really loving father one day.
::Zosia wore her pajamas inside out last night, hoping for no school today.  How to explain to a six year old that homeschooling has no snow days?  Well, the pajamas did seem to partly work, as Lily's preschool was canceled.
::Hanging out with Selma, who, after a few trips to the vet and some new medication, is actually doing quite well, for those of you who have asked.  

I can hardly believe the twins are two weeks old!  These early days really do fly by, and I know I'm going to miss them.  We're soaking up all of the newborn snuggles we can manage.


Melissa said...

Oh, Adele! This post is just balm for my soul! It is, of course, not at all surprising that everybody looooooves the babies, but you are spreading so much good cheer with the pix of everybody doing so!

Please don't bother to answer this. You have enough to do. God bless all of you!

One and Doll said...

Seems like you are doing well! I am eager to hear somethign of your birth story with them- even if it isn't all put together...

THinking of you all!

Adele said...

We can't wait to share more about the birth! One of these days when I have more than a couple of free minutes at the end of the day. :)