Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In the Warm House

How handy that the weather has decided to drop to record lows these past few days, because we are in no hurry to leave the house.  See that picture of the window?  Yes, that's ice inside our house.  I'm not sure if that's testament to how cold it is outside, or the poor insulation of our windows.  Those of you who live further north or in the midwest probably have even crazier stories to share.  But whew, it's cold, isn't it?

The older kids have been going out with friends and family neighbors for little adventures here and there, and have a very favorite babysitter who has been coming by to do craft activities and play games.  And I haven't really left the house (save for a couple of pediatrician appointments and a meandering walk or two around the neighborhood) since the babies were born.  Ben, anticipating that I might be stir crazy, keeps offering that I do this or that outside or with the kids.  And I keep saying "No, thanks," because these early days, it really feels right to be at home with the babies.  

The babies are more wakeful with each passing day, and have big open eyes that are ready to take in the world.  They took turns staring at a stuffed bunny for about half an hour each the other day, which gave the girls and I a good laugh (because these early sleepy days of having a baby make everyone in the house a little punchy, and everything a little more entertaining).  

Whenever I have the opportunity, I try to manage the babies on my own, and it's sort of a logistical puzzle.  One baby in the sling while I change another baby's diaper?  One baby nursing while I burp the next?  One baby in the bouncer while I give the other some attention on the couch?  Thankfully, the girls are very calm and patient, because I'm afraid I'm quite the novice at all of this!  And as you can see, Ben is figuring it all out, too.  Drinking coffee and reading to a toddler while Zosia entertain's a baby.  Nice work!

We've opened the house to a slow trickle of visitors, which has been entertaining for everyone.  And of course Ben and I are totally happy to show off our newest additions. Home it is for now, and I hope you are warm in yours, too.


Elizabeth Cordoba said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures, and I am so happy for you guys!

Ms. T. said...

The picture of Ben and P. reminded me of the picture of Evan and Ben in Merrifield with the kids. I think we referred to it as "bro parenting"? Either way, everyone looks happy and cozy. Thanks for letting us share in the love yesterday. Xo

Adele said...

Thanks, Biff! And yes, totally bro parenting: Ben even managed to squeeze in a swaddling lesson. It was really cute.