Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


I quickly ventured out to a favorite consignment store to pick up a gift for a friend (my first solo outing since having the babies!) and saw two pretty matching vintage quilts (on clearance).  Of course it seemed like a sign that I should get them for the twins.  Sunny, sweet, and matching, just like these two.


The twins have woken up!  The morning is our favorite time, when they generally just content to lie down and stare with their wide eyes at anything and everything.  As Zosia puts it, 'Their eyes are growing bigger and bigger each day."  

And in other twin news, it is official that these two are identical!  A note from the midwife informed us that the placenta was identified as mono-di, meaning that it was a single shared placenta-- clear evidence of Clara and Dorothy being identical.


My sister and her adorable baby Grace just returned back to Haiti after a nearly month long stay.  It was so nice to see them and have them spend time with all of our kids (and get to meet the twins).  We all had a good laugh at this picture, which is of Irene holding Clara (I think?) for the first time, while Grace looks on.  As you can see, Grace's feelings are somewhat mixed.  Okay, not mixed: she feels totally betrayed.  When Clara started to nuzzle up to Irene as if to breastfeed, that was the final straw.  Loud cries of protest ensued.  Clearly, Grace is one attached baby, which is exactly as it should be.


I think the single hardest thing about having a double dose of newborns is feeling like there are times that I can't give all of the attention I would like to the older three kids.  The kids receive so much love: it's not that I'm worried that they aren't getting the affection they need.  It's just one of those mother things where I feel so deeply that I should be the one giving them that love.  And then just when I start to feel totally desperate for some quality time with each of them, it appears in little ways here and there.  Perhaps in the form of reading with one of them (Lily and I made it most of the way through the Jesus Storybook Bible in a single sitting!), or chasing Hugo up and down the hallway (his favorite), or giving them a bath (all three in one bath, just like sardines).  Oh, I am so thankful for it, and it really does sustain me until a time that I am not wrangling newborns in quite this first-month-of-life intensive way.  I have been through this before, and know that things calm down!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I admire you mamas of multiples - finding that balance must be such a challenge. I hope you get to enjoy a few stories and trips up the stairs today. :)

sarah marie said...

Those quilts! What a wonderful find! Your children are just lovely... as is your blog. :)

lindsey gallant said...

Beautiful quilts! Beautiful babies! This post made me smile. :)

Stephanie said...

So beautiful you can recognize the time that the Holy Spirit carves out for you with your other little! Your sister with her daughter looking on is priceless :)

Stephanie said...


Hope said...

Adorable pictures! I love those quilts!

Adele said...

Thank you all! It's funny, I haven't ever been called a "mama of multiples," but I suppose I certainly am that now!