Monday, November 4, 2013

and baby b will be called...

When we set out to name these twins, we knew that we wanted to find two names that we loved equally, that went together nicely and whose meaning resonated with us.  Since baby B (formerly known as Veronica, for those who remember our rhyming daughter-given names) will be coming into the world second, it seems only fair that we announce her name first.

Both Ben and I love the name Dorothy: it is so sweet and old fashioned, carries a beautiful meaning and has many possible nicknames.  We have known from the very moment we found out we had two babies on the way that they were a gift from God.  That is perhaps the most notable thing about these babies in our mind.  We have celebrated them with joy because we have known so deeply that they are an incredible gift.  It feels perfectly fitting that one of them carry a name that means "God's gift."

We cross-checked Saint Dorothy, and learned that she is the patron saint of "horticulture; brewers; brides; florists; gardeners; midwives; newlyweds; love," which in our minds were all pretty awesome things.

And we have already chosen a really beautiful and meaningful middle name for Dorothy, to be announced at birth, because we all need a little surprise, don't we?


Melissa said...

Love it! Love it so much! Love all things with Greek roots! Love love love all the way around!

Okay. I'm calm now. Please do not be alarmed. Just go back to your blog and tell us what Baby A's name is!

Adele said...

Thank you! We love it, too! Now we just have to sort through all of the possible nicknames (although in the end, it seems that we end up creating our own, anyway).