Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!  The thing I love about this day is that everybody gets out of their houses, walks from door to door, and gets to be together.  While there are many holidays that I prefer based on their significance or meaning, I absolutely love that Halloween is a neighborhood sort of holiday, and we celebrate it with all of our neighbors.  It is just such a joy to see so many neighbors, both big and very little, in silly, cute, or even scary costumes.  We are lucky to live in a neighborhood with a veritable baby boom, and it's such a treat to see little (and then bigger) kids come year after year.  And of course the kids adore the holiday based on the fact that there are both costumes and candy involved: the ultimate double whammy!

Ben took the kids around while I handed out candy, and when they got home the kids got to eat as much candy as they wanted.  It sounds crazy, but this is the third year in a row we've done it, and they surprise us with their moderation each time.  Tonight, the candy fairy comes, who gathers Halloween candy in exchange for gifts (nail polish, chap stick, and coloring books this year... don't ask  how I know).  And then throughout the year Halloween candy magically appears as a special treat every now and then.  Isn't that crazy?

I must admit, I handed out all of our candy save for a small stash I set aside.  I think tonight merits a Butterfinger and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the candy fairy, Adele.


Melissa said...

What a clever idea! I love it!

And yes, you definitely deserve a Butterfingers and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. And possibly a Snickers. And a Milky Way. And . . .

I had practically no sugar the whole time I was pregnant with Meg's older brother. He was born on Oct. 4, and I nursed him, and by Halloween I was jonesing for some sugar. I allowed myself one small hard candy—and our cheerful baby turned into a monster! No more sugar for that baby, not until he was much older!

To safeguard against this, I ate sugar reasonably in subsequent pregnancies. Really, you owe it to yourself. :-)