Saturday, July 20, 2013

15 Weeks Pregnant

This week has brought a few exciting developments in the twin department.  First and foremost, we had an ultrasound which showed that the kiddos are definitively di-di meaning that they have separate placentas and separate amniotic sacs.  For the pregnancy, delivery, and these babies overall health that is wonderful news!  Basically, it just means that there are two separate babies that each have exactly what they need.  It also means that the twins are quite likely fraternal (about 90% of di-di twins are fraternal), the one major downside of this likelihood being we will not be able to perform scientific experiments on them (I had thought of such good ones, too!).

The girls have named the babies Annika and Veronica, and while we have gently mentioned that these are not their actual names, it has not deterred our two little mommies from adopting one of the twins as their own (Lily's is Annika, and seems to get the vast majority of love and attention as Lily is very interested in giving my tummy kisses, and Zosia's is Veronica).

When we first told the kids about the babies the girls were absolutely thrilled and Hugo was somewhat in denial.  "Mommy has two babies in her tummy," we explained, to which he just looked at as and simply replied, "Nope."  When we pressed it a little further, he continued to say "Nope," and then started to explain, "Rene (what he calls my sister) baby!  Mommy no baby."  Thank you for the explanation, Hugo!  We must have gotten confused!

The good news is that over the past week or two as my tummy has started showing clear and indisputable evidence of there being two babies in there, Hugo has very much embraced the idea of there being two babies in there.  Not only does he agree that there are babies in there, but he very eagerly loves to give the babies kisses.  Of course he is going to love this: the boy adores babies.  And as I'm sure you all understand, no matter how many newborn babies there are around, he will always remain my baby too.

And there's something about finding out that you're expecting twins that makes you notice twins everywhere.  Did you hear about Atlanta's twin pandas?


Melissa said...

And I'm sure that you had thought of such good experiments, too! Plus you could have used the experience to teach the other kids how to write up lab reports. Oh, the sorrow! The sadness! Well, at least you'll have two kids whose chronological age is the same. You can at least use them as a very limited set on which to experiment, right?

Also, your whole family is adorable. You don't mention Ben in this post, but he's pretty darned cute, too. :-)

Adele said...

It really is a loss to the scientific community at large. :-)

And I have to agree about Ben: vying for cutest family member, in my eyes!