Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Button Tins

One absolute delight of the past month has been the time I have with Lily on the mornings that Zosia is at preschool. It is so fun to do things that she loves at her pace with no one but cute little Lily. I will admit, the first few weeks of our new routine, I went a little Lily crazy and did things that she loves at the cost of oh, housekeeping, cooking, that sort of thing.

I think we've found a new equilibrium. We do a few special one-on-one projects or trips and then I also set her up with some fun activities she can do by herself while I run around the house keeping things going, or while I nurse Hugo. Above: an old favorite, a bowl of buttons and a muffin tin.

It never ceases to amaze me how entertaining this activity is. There's sorting, piling, mixing, and I even noticed Lily actually talking to her buttons. Each one has its own personality, I guess. Ah, the joy of simple things.


Irene said...

What fun! I remember when it was Zosia who was loving the muffin tin, while Lily was too little to enjoy it. My, how time flies!

Kerry said...

Oh man, I love the muffin tin! I think I might do that tonight! I am in need for some buttons on a sweater. I have two boxes to go through.

Enjoy your time with Lily... so sweet to have those times. Soon enough it will be Hugo!

Aindrea said...

Such a great activity for motor skills in toddlers! Sorry, my elementary education background is coming out :)

Lydia said...

Those are some cutie-pie girls you have there! I love the cardigans you made. Beautiful and in such gorgeous colors.

I love Bill Bryson too!