Thursday, October 6, 2011


I had been eyeing little things to sew for a few weeks now, and finally justified purchasing it because I had a concrete project in mind: a smock. Actually, two smocks. Because so many things seem to come in pairs of two around here.

And this, above, is just the smock I wanted. Something long sleeved (because little arms can get messy), with pockets, that snaps in the back. And I figured I could make some of the other projects from the book as Christmas presents for the little ones in our lives.

I think that nary a day passes that does not involve painting. Watercolor painting, usually. Sometimes tempera, if we're feeling adventurous.

I was tickled to find a colorful Ikea duvet cover at the thrift store (it usually retails for $22.99, I just learned), for $2.99. I bought a red sheet for the sleeves for two bucks. I love those little animals: each girl got to choose which ones she wanted on her pockets.

We didn't waste any time putting them to use.

Paint brushes in the pockets, of course.

And out we went for an afternoon of painting in the yard. I am happy to say that both smocks are now covered in paint. Much to my delight.

(and for those on the fence, I do really love the book: so many adorable little projects. I am already getting ready for another)


Kerry said...

Oh, oh, oh! I really love those so much! The colors and patterns are adorable!
One of these days I will really learn to sew well. If not before my kiddos grow big, then at least I can be a grammy that sews one day! ;)

Irene said...

These are so cute! I just love the little animal pockets and the sleeves. :)

Ms. T. said...

Oh so fun and cute! I've been eyeing this book. Might have to swap with you in a few months. I just purchased a few crafty books that you might want to peruse. Will send them over soon. xoxo

The Benningtons said...

Oh, those are DARLING! Love the colors/print!

Adele said...

Kerry, knowing how crafty you are, I'm sure it will be no problem (especially a simple pattern like this!).

Adele said...

Thanks, ladies! Michelle, I would definitely be up for a swap. :-)

Lauren Oliver said...

Super cute! I'm impressed... How do you find the time? I don't have kids and I can't even manage to make a dress for myself (bought the pattern and material months ago), much less two little ones!

Adele said...

Thanks, Lauren! In a way, I think it's actually easier, because I have to schedule a block of time either on the weekend or on a weeknight to be able to sew, so it locks me in!