Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One Year Old

My two little darlings turned one the day after Christmas.  They are thoughtful, sweet, and happy to be in the middle of all the action. I couldn't possibly understand what an incredible gift I was receiving the day they were born.  They are just delightful.

This Sunday, we finally got around to throwing a celebration (such is life as a twin? as a kid in a big family? as a kid with a birthday the day after Christmas?  Insert excuse here, I guess we have many to choose from).  The cupcakes (lemon cupcakes and frosting with sprinkles for the kids, or lemon cupcakes and frosting with bacon bits for the adults.  Thank Ben for the culinary genius), the matching dresses, the cutesy photos.  Those were for us.

The increasing delight in one another, playing hide and seek with a curtain between them in the morning, or laughing and hugging and kissing on the couch in the moments after a nap.  These are the ever giving gift for these two girls to receive.  When I put Clara down in her crib at bedtime, she always looks up to make sure that I am nursing Dorothy, and only then lies down onto her stomach and goes to sleep.  Dorothy brings Clara toys when I am changing her diaper to keep her happy.  You just can't make up things like this, it's a beautiful and incredible bond, and we have the privilege of watching it develop and unfold effortlessly before our eyes.

Happy Birthday, Clara!  Happy Birthday, Dorothy!  Here's to another fabulous year.


Michelle said...

Happy birthday sweet babies. You've grown so much!

Lauren Oliver said...

Happy birthday, Dorothy and Clara! So fun to see you growing through the photos. Hopefully we will meet in person someday soon.