Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snow Week!

Oh my goodness, it is cold outside.  Cold like it was last winter, in that your-nose-turns-bright-red-and-any-exposed-skin-gets-numb-sort-of-way.  But you know what?  A blanket of snow makes everything more bearable.  We went ahead and made yesterday a real snow day, complete with mandatory snow frolicking in the morning, a snack of popcorn and bacon, followed by the first sledding adventure of the year (no photos because I was carrying a baby on my front and my back!  Whew, it's been a while since I've done that, and I do believe these babies have grown in the last few months.  At least they kept me warm), followed by a hot bath in the afternoon and then a crazy primal instinct to make soup from the bones of a rotisserie chicken and everything in my refrigerator (which turned out pretty good!).  I think I fell asleep while Ben was tucking the girls in bed, I was that tired.  It was a good day.

I have found myself embarking upon winter activities like switching out bedding, stockpiling blankets, and finding creative solutions for where to dry our snowy, salty, muddy boots (on the dresser in the living room is the current solution, as anything close to the floor results in babies eating the shoes.  Yuck!).  To tell you the truth, I still feel like I am making up for all of the housekeeping I didn't do through the holidays, and it can feel like a lot.  I think I'm most of the way there, how about you?

I'm saving my best secret for last, though.  We quite unfortunately passed along our stomach bug to my sister and her sweet little baby Grace.  They were miserable, poor things.  Not a fun end to a vacation, and I think the only merciful thing about a stomach bug is that it passes through quickly.  Yuck.  But (and here's the good part), they had to postpone their return trip for another week!  Eee!  Picture me and Irene jumping on a bed, just like these four little monkeys the other day.  I just cannot express how wonderful it is to have these guys around.  They are the best.  Clearly, Hugo and the twins think so too.  The. Best.


Melissa Hunter-Kilmer said...

When I read about Irene and Grace, I think of this blessing: "Grace and peace be to you from the Lord our Father." (Because Irene means "peace," as I'm sure you know but maybe not all of your readers do.) So you got an extra dose of Grace and Peace. :-D

Adele said...

They're the perfect combination, both in benediction and real life! :-)