Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snowy Days

Two consecutive days now of a fluffy, sticky, picturesque snowfall in the morning that then proceeds to melt by dinnertime.  I feel like I'm living in a snowglobe, it's so lovely.  After a week of soaking up every bit of sunlight and warm air available (it was in the 60's this weekend!), we were actually ready to have a couple of days inside, enjoying one another's company and some more introspective pursuits (like, if you're a "big girl" in the family, listening to the Frozen soundtrack approximately 100 times.  I'm not kidding guys, that thing is addictive)

I made a fire yesterday, and it actually lit up and everything!  There's something so quieting and mesmerizing about a fire.  All the children just seem to gather around it.  Today, we had chicken stock simmering on the stove with some leftover chicken bones, which eventually was transformed into a beef stew with whatever I could find in the fridge. I tried my hand at making this bread, and it is aaaamazing!  You start it in the evening the night before you want to make it, and it requires essentially no hands on work at all, and only three ingredients.  Then you bake it in a dutch oven, an voila!  It makes the most delicious, crusty loaf.  I am scratching my head and wondering why this isn't the recipe I've used every single time I've made bread before.  Who knew you could bake bread in a dutch oven?

The twins are two months old today (Clara stretching above, Dorothy smiling).  I meant to make a cake today, but Miss Dorothy was wanting some holding (so happy when I'm holding her, that one), and so that is just what I did instead.  The babies have become super social in the last week, and seem to adore their older sisters the most.  They have huge stretches when we take them out of their swaddles, love it when I vacuum (first and possibly last time in my adult life that my floors will be this clean), and adore taking baths.  And give us the most sunny and beautiful little smiles.  Such sweet little girls.  I have a feeling two months old is going to be a lot of fun.


Oregon-Mama said...

Your home is just so cozy and beautiful. I feel like I can picture it, like I'm there with you through your photos. Wish we could spend an afternoon together - with all 9 of our little children...WOW.

Adele said...

That would be such fun! And while our home is cozy, I must warn you that in person it is much louder than in pictures. Although I'm sure you know all about that. :-)