Monday, March 3, 2014

Before the Storm

Am I the only one that starts cooking food like a crazy person before a storm?  If you need to find me at 9 pm on the night before a storm, I will be in the kitchen.  Cooking up enough food to feed the majority of the neighborhood, just in case.  Last night: adobo chicken (thanks for the introducing us to it, Cara!), a huge pot of rice, and chocolate chip cookies.  I tripled all recipes, just in case.  Because, you know, you need that sort of thing when there is snow on the ground, right?  Ben looks at me with skeptical eyes, but knows better than to interfere, because this storm preparation is some sort of primal instinct, and you just can't stop that.

This morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow, and the kids wasted no time getting geared up to go outside and try it out.  The verdict?  Pretty powder snow which will need warmer temperatures to become snowman or snowball worthy.  I ventured out for a bit, but was content to enjoy a cookie and coffee next to the window: a definite perk of a snow day.

After a big lunch of french toast and hot chocolate, they're sitting next to me watching Cinderella (another perk of a snow day!).   Ben is all set up to work from home, and I must say, so far the kids and I are being *so* good and giving him a quiet house to work in.  I think that working from home was much easier (for him) when it was just me, Ben, and a dog.  Oh well, we still love having him around.

Can you believe how big those babies are getting?  Woohoo breastmilk, you're getting the job done!

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