Saturday, January 4, 2014

Many Arms

I honestly cannot imagine the past several weeks of this pregnancy (which I'll share more about in the coming days, but put simply, were quite difficult) and these early newborn days without the support we've received from friends and family: most particularly, both sets of our parents and my aunt Basia, who live close by and have been doing everything from taking the (big) kids for playdates to picking up groceries, bringing meals, and manning the house during the delivery.  It's been wonderful to introduce these babies to such an incredible family of love.

Zosia is quite a natural with the babies, and can competently hold, burp, and even give a bottle to a baby (edit: the babies, like all our other babies, now want nothing to do with a bottle.  Bummer, since I was sort of looking forward to the occasional pumped bottle.  I'm not giving up just yet).  Ben is on paternity leave, which means that each baby has a set of loving adult arms to hold her.  And there are all sorts of family members coming through, lavishing love on the twins whenever they get a chance.

I'm still holding a baby a lot of the time (or nursing a baby, or lying down with a baby).  Which I can't say I mind.  It's not something you get to do everyday.  I think I come to appreciate it more with each baby in the family, because what each baby teaches you is that this time doesn't last forever.


9peasMom said...

Congratulations! They are beautiful and what a loving family to be born into!

Melissa said...


Margo said...

such sweet photos! can't imagine having babies without the help :) what a blessing to have so many near you.

Adele said...

Yes, it truly is a blessing: I can't imagine life without family around, either!