Friday, October 25, 2013

During School

We have had such a wonderful week around here!  The babies are officially doing great, which is of course a huge boost to any pregnant woman's spirits (more on that later), and we have been having a fun week of homeschooling and playing and enjoying beautiful fall in Virginia.

I think we've sort of settled into a nice homeschooling rhythm during the week.  On days that Lily has preschool, I try to do a little more organized schooling with Zosia, with a math lesson, a handwriting lesson, some free writing time, and reading time.  We do arts and crafts and a lot of outdoor play in the afternoon.  And Hugo sort of hangs out and plays independently (you can see a few of the ways he's been "helping" around the house, with sorting pompoms in an egg carton, and peeling carrots in the nude.  Cutest chef ever).  Zosia loves to read to Hugo and Lily, and looking through these pictures makes me realize that Hugo is still very much an "ear holder."  What a funny little thing!

A couple of days a week we have activities out of the house, like a very sweet ballet class that both girls attend, or gymnastics with good friends once a week for Zosia.  The kids are lucky to see both sets of grandparents on a pretty regular basis, which everyone loves (and serves as a source of enrichment for them!  Grandmothers-- and grandfathers too-- make very good educators, it turns out!).  There are less regular activities in the mix, too, like daisies once a month for Zosia, a Catholic girl's club that both girls just started attending, and a family faith sharing group through our church.  Once you throw in a few playdates, and just about a weekly visit to either the midwife or the sonographer for me, that makes for a pretty well balanced week.  There is time at home (a lot more than in the past!), time with friends, and everything seems to have a flow and a rhythm.  Of course we're very aware of the fact that things are going to shift over the course of this exciting year for our family, so we are accepting this for what it is: a pleasant yet temporary rhythm for this moment.  Who knows what the next month will bring.

Oh, and while I'm reporting major family happenings, Zosia lost a tooth!  In case any of you are out of touch with the world of six year olds, this is huge business!  Very exciting, and much anticipated.  Nice work, Zo.


Melissa said...

Nice work yourself, Mama! So what do you do for lost teeth? Do you do the fictitious trilogy (tooth fairy, Easter bunny, Santa Claus) or do you start early with non-fiction?

Adele said...

There is definitely a tooth fairy in this neighborhood, along with a candy fairy (her cousin), who is involved with Halloween candy. We are expecting her to visit later this week.

Melissa said...

Cute! Hey, I was wondering—I know you were born here, but have your parents told you any cool Polish holiday customs that you are passing along to the kids?

Adele said...

I think just about all of our holiday customs are Polish (save from those on Ben's side of the family, which are largely German)! Especially Christmas and Easter-- Halloween isn't celebrated in Poland, so not much overlap there. :-)

Adele said...

And yes, I will make sure to include some Polish customs as the holidays approach!

Melissa said...

Wonderful! I look forward to seeing them! By the way, I absolutely love the pic of Zosia smiling and writing. Such happiness and pride!