Sunday, October 20, 2013

29 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

29 weeks pregnant!  I can hardly believe it.  Here I am, at the beginning of the third trimester for a singleton pregnancy, and surely a little farther along than that for a twin pregnancy.  This is sort of a big week for twin pregnancies, because theoretically, the babies can be born at any point after 28 weeks and have a great chance of survival (over 90 percent).  Of course we're still planning on keeping these babies in for as long as possible (37 weeks or bust!), but it's good to know we've made it to this point.

The babies' movements have taken on a life of their own, and where I've been feeling them move for months, suddenly I can see them moving from outside of my belly quite clearly, and suddenly it is quite fun to touch my belly and feel their movements.  Ben and I are going in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning and we're both really excited to see the babies, be assured that they're growing well, and see what they're up to.  I'm really curious!

The other week, my aunt brought two tiny little cake topper babies.  "The twins," she explained.  Of course, it was only a matter of moments before the children discovered the new toys, and apparently Hugo spent the rest of the afternoon admiring them and playing with them.  After a while, the girls came by to let me know that Hugo was affectionately calling the two babies Grace and Hugo.  Grace, his really adorable four month old cousin.  And Hugo, because obviously he is still a baby, right?  Hm.  I must point out that Hugo will be significantly older than either of his sisters were when a new baby was introduced to the family, that little baby of mine.

I've been feeling great, and have been balancing celebrating my new found energy with getting the rest that I need.  Come 2 in the afternoon, my body more or less assumes a horizontal position, where I remain for an hour or two because I simply need it.  I totally understand why many doctors advise moms of twins to start their maternity leave at 28 weeks, because I can't quite imagine having to work full time at this point.  Mentally, I can function quite normally, but physically, it just feels better to be lying down.  I spent all of mass squirming and adjusting.  Ben looked at me concerned and asked, "Are you okay?"  Truth be told, it's just not possible to be comfortable in a pew at this point!  And although our church is awesome and I'm sure no one would bat an eye were I to actually lie down (can you imagine?), I think for now I would rather just squirm and wiggle for an hour.

But the good news is that I can rally for a few good hours, during which I can go on little outings with the kids (so long as I know I will be able to sit down once I reach our destination), homeschool, cook interesting things, and do our other domestic chores.  It's wonderful!

And we have definitely settled on some names for these little girls!  I know I've been teasing you with a possible announcement for a few weeks, but I have a feeling it's coming this week!


9peasMom said...

You look great, and I love reading about all the twin movement. Enjoy your ultrasound today!

Melissa said...

Everything you say makes me smile. Go you and your lovely family!

Adele said...

Thanks, guys! We're in the homestretch here, and we're so excited for these babies.