Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This and That

::Another first day of preschool for a girl who is one of the most delightful children I know.
::Knitting and coffee, which go so well together.  It has been nice to have something to keep my hands busy, and I am not even complaining that I knit half of a Milo vest twice only to realize that, despite testing my gauge, the size 4 was way too big (has anyone had problems with the size 4 before?  I swear I have made this vest 10 times without any issues).  I have admitted defeat and switched over to a Tiny Tea Leaves, which, come to think of it, will be all the more practical because it buttons up the front.  
::A tasty lunch that makes me squeal with delight when I realize have all of my children with me around the table for lunch every day.  I am so lucky.
::Math lessons have become one of our favorite times of day.  There's something so rewarding both about teaching and learning math.
::Chicken pot pie for dinner: a complete meal in one dish!

Things are falling into a nice rhythm around here, and despite a big heat wave, I'm starting to really believe that fall is right around the corner.  I sorted through winter things this past weekend, and amid the happy realization that we really don't need many new things to tide us through the winter (save for new pants for Zosia!  That girl has shot up!) I have realized that our dressers suddenly have very full drawers that contain both summer clothing and winter clothing.  I'm thinking a few weeks of cooling temperatures will help with that!

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