Monday, September 16, 2013

24 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

I can't believe I'm 24 weeks already!  There's something about the likelihood that in 3 months I will be holding two babies in my arms that makes everything seem so very real and exciting.

We are whittling down the name list for the babies, and this will be the first time that we definitively select and share a name before a baby is born.  I can't wait to share the names with you guys!  Guesses are welcome.

I purchased a little wicker bassinet off of craigslist this weekend which luckily looks roomy enough to comfortable accommodate two newborn babies, and have started slowly gathering little things in preparation.  It makes me smile to look into the corner of our room and see a little space readying itself for these babies, and am hoping that by the time I get to 30 weeks or so we will be all set.

And as far as the pregnancy goes, I continue to feel pretty great most of the time, with a few days here and there that I feel slow.  Which is often the case even if I'm not pregnant (with twins!).  The midwives I'm seeing have agreed that as long as everything continues to look as low risk as it is at the moment, there will be no need for me to routinely see the ob, which makes me very happy, because I am thrilled that everything is going well with these babies and I adore these midwives.  

All in all, It's nice to be enjoying this pregnancy, fall in Virginia, and the ease of our family life at the moment.  The kids have all been sleeping in until at least 9:00 (9:00 people!  This is craziness!), which means that I also sleep in and am feeling rested and energetic and peppy.  Which is just right, because we know that a more active season of parenthood is right around the corner!

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