Monday, September 10, 2012

The First Day of Preschool

We now officially have one girl in kindergarten, another in preschool.  We have been whittling things down to their most essential state around here to smooth the transition.  Laid back afternoons without any scheduled activities, a nice and open weekend with plenty of family time.  Day one of kindergarten was wonderful, but, apparently, totally exhausting.  I, who was super mellow in the weeks leading up to that first day, laid awake at night asking a million questions.  Is she ready?  Is kindergarten too long? Too much?

All of those questions seemed to answer themselves over the coming days.  Zosia loves school.  I get glowing reports from her teachers.  It has been a very good thing for her and she is excited and happy and surrounded by wonderful teachers and good friends.

Today, Lily bounded out the door to her big milestone.  She put her chosen "first day of school clothes" on the moment she got out of bed and spent the morning waiting by the front door asking, "Is it time for schoo yet?"  She ran into the classroom, not even looking back at me and Hugo as she dived into a bin of toys with a classmate.  Hm... I'm thinking she is sort of ready for this.

I think one pleasant surprise to me, as a very attached mother with very attached children has been that attached babies (and I'm talking super-attached-won't-let-anyone-but-mama-hold-them babies) often make for very independent children.  There's something about nurturing that special mother-baby bond that makes them confident, assured, and ready to go out into the world when they're ready.  Of course now, the challenge becomes letting them go forth.  Hrmph.


Meg said...

I wish this was facebook so I could just "like" this post. Let's imagine that I eloquently pointed out how cute that picture is and affirmed your last paragraph :)

Irene said...

So exciting! I'm glad that both of them are off to such a good start, and that Hugo (and Mom) can get some extra snuggles and mama-toddler attachment time!