Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Everyday Wonders

::Gathering the last of the seasons' tomatoes.  Yes, it was actually cold enough to wear a hat.  It's Lily who's underdressed.
::We may have only a week or two left before frost claims the tomatoes.
::Zosia and Hugo have become the fireman rescue squad.  Lily alerts them to fires around the house.  Those are little occupation cards they are holding: Hugo doesn't care for any of them save for the two firemen.
::A friend gave Zosia this book, and we have had a wonderful time making "hunormous bubbles," as Lily would say.  It really is amazing to watch.
::There's our chrysalis hanging out.  She generally lives inside a jar, and I am hoping to upgrade her to a butterfly net where she will be comfortable emerging from her cocoon. 
::Lily is one of those people who loses herself in dance.  I just adore that about her.

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Irene said...

Sorry--I am not anonymous, I am your sister. :)