Sunday, August 4, 2013

17 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Wow, 17 weeks feels totally unworthy of an entire post.  I think I would describe it as ho-hum and uneventful, one of those weeks that I really feel like this could just be a singleton pregnancy, and there have even been moments that I forget that I'm pregnant!  But then I will bump into something with my belly, or feel the babies kick, or have some other joyful reminder that I am never really alone, but always in the company of two (!) sweet little babies.

Last week when Emily was in town, we went to one of my favorite consignment stores in the area and bought outrageous vintage Hawaiian dresses.  I am pretty much a sucker for any outrageous dress, but this combination was particularly seductive, and I was tickled to see that it worked as a maternity dress.  I am definitely loving the fact that in the summer I can skirt around maternity clothes (no pun intended) and wear dresses all the time.  Which leaves me wondering how I am going to swing being pregnant with twins in the wintertime.  Snuggie, anyone?

(oh, and pardon the absence of my very favorite battalion of little people.  If we don't take a picture directly before church on Sunday morning, then things deteriorate and I usually find over half of the kiddos naked, or covered in mud, or naked and wearing a tutu and covered in mud: I'm looking at you, Hugo.  One of these days we'll be that family that is ready for church with half an hour to spare and still arrives early, but for now we'll settle for just getting there).


Oregon-Mama said...

That dress is fantastic! And you are so radiant and beautiful, mama! Two quick questions: what is your new car situation going to be (sorry if you posted that somewhere and I missed it!). I'm curious because we have four four and under packed into a minivan and we are wondering what we are going to get next! And two: do you have an Instagram account? I'm on there and would love to follow your darling (growing) family there too!

Adele said...

Thank you! Just a month or two ago we changed our family car from a honda sedan (three carseats across the back!) to a minivan (odyssey with 6 seats in the back). We actually bought the car after we knew we were pregnant but before we knew it was twins: I think we'll be very thankful for the 6 seats!

Adele said...

And yes I am on instagram (although I must warn you: I am very delinquent in posting!). I should add a button to the blog: my name is simplelifemusings