Thursday, June 13, 2013

Around the Table

It's amazing how much of our family live revolves around a single table.  Sometimes with several little kids it feels like all of life is one huge meal: preparing for the meal, consuming the meal, cleaning up after the meal.  It's so much fun when we get everyone involved, and we have helpers with food preparation, setting the table, and cleaning up afterwards.  I am sure that many of my children's fondest childhood memories will be just here, at the table!

What would childhood be without the beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  I think hardly a day goes by without a peanut butter and jelly sandwich per family member.  But then again, I married the world's biggest peanut butter lover, so what did I expect?  Healthy and delicious, the only issue I have is with how difficult it can be to clean up.  Hugo has been known to sit down and just eat a bowl of peanut butter.  Or two.

And after a brief art-centered interlude (Zosia and Lily have learned that at the table is one of the few places they can work undisturbed... most of the time), it is time for dinner prep.  Lily is my most energetic and accomplished corn husker and all-around corn enthusiast.  I put together some honey glazed carrots from More With Less, and some simple creamed chicken.  I love that during the summertime, the meals become so incredibly simple and yet delicious.

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