Monday, June 10, 2013


We had a baby shower at our place this weekend for Irene and Robbie, who are expecting their baby in a few weeks.  We spent the afternoon with a big group of people who are as crazy about these guys as we are, ate good food together, and decorated onesies: what a nice way to spend a Sunday!

When Ben and I were expecting Zosia, we had a very tight knit group of friends in Boston who threw a co-ed baby shower for us where we decorated onesies.  As Irene and I were going through our boxes of baby clothing to pick out things for her baby, we found all of the onesies and they brought back such fine memories.  When Irene mentioned it might be fun to have a co-ed shower, I knew we had to do some decorating!

It is so much fun to have a group of adults exercise their creativity!  We had some chicks, a cat, and a dinosaur, along with many other cute designs.  Zosia took the cake with five separate onesies proclaiming things like "I am your cousin!" (or, for the one she made in cooperation with my dad, "I am your grandfather!") on the back.  It brings a smile to my face to think of some stranger seeing Irene and Robbie's baby with the proclamation "I am your grandfather!" on her chest.  Oh, it never gets old.

This little baby is surrounded by so much love!  And I am just so happy to think of the ways that Irene and Robbie will learn new dimensions of love through the addition of this child to their family.  I don't think anyone could possibly explain what it feels like, but it certainly is beautiful to behold.

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