Friday, June 14, 2013

Being Too-ah

(dirt cakes with worms and trucks seemed the natural choice for this little dirt enthusiast's birthday)

Hugo, you are two today.  Wow, two.  Or, as you would say, "too-ah!" as you hold up your two index fingers.  And you make too-ah look really very good.

You love animals and trucks, digging in the dirt, and your family.  You adore your sisters' attention, and always always make sure that every member of the family has a fair share of any special treat.  When asked if you are a big boy you pat your chest and declare "Bee bee!" and you are indeed our baby, even as you have grown into a big boy in so many ways.  

Every morning you stand up in your crib and call out "Mama!" and will patiently decline any other family member's assistance until I appear to pick you up and give you a morning snuggle.  You have seriously waited while I took a full shower for this little morning ritual, and for that undying love and attachment I am so deeply grateful. 

Objects are more easily identifiable to you by the sounds they make than by the names we have given them.  You stand at the window and yell "wee-ooh-wee-ooh-wee-ooh!" as a firetruck goes by, or yell "Moo!" at any cow in sight.

You are deeply compassionate and relational.  You hand out a lot of hugs and kisses (strange, wet, open mouthed little face plants, occasionally interwoven with nibbles), and make us laugh so much all of the time.  You adore your family, especially your siblings and grandparents, and they adore you too because you fill such a special place in this family of ours.

You are the littlest one in the family, but quite strong, and you surprise both us and yourself with this sometimes.  You clearly have the upper hand when it comes to wrestling your five year old sister.  How did that happen, you little thing?

As you've developed a vocabulary, you have started to share with us the things you like (naming all of your trucks "Hugo," for example), and the things that you don't like (big groups of people, having your hair combed, or robots, as we learned this morning).  And it is thrilling to think that while we know you so intimately, we are only coming to know you more with each day, as you grow into your own independent person.

Happy Birthday, my beebee.  I know these days are numbered but they are so perfectly sweet.


Oregon-Mama said...

He is NOT two?! I remember the day you gave birth! Wow. What a gorgeous boy he is. You are sure a blessed mama! <3

Adele said...

I know! I just can't even believe it quite yet.