Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday

Dressed in our Sunday best, we embarked upon our annual Easter egg hunt right after church.  Two years ago, there was a big group of young families gathering for brunch at this park: we had come with a picnic, and I remember being quite pregnant with Hugo at the time.  Anyway, the real easter bunny was coming to visit the park (Who, by the way, is just the size of a fully grown man, and furry all over, and wearing a purple suit), and was kind enough to say hello to our family too.  We even snapped a picture with him, just to prove for all of time and eternity that this really happened.  Needless to say, this incident has lived on in family legend since, and we have gone back to this park, because, I mean, this is the park that the Easter bunny comes to.

This year it was chilly, and rain was in the forecast, but the skies held back just long enough.  I do believe those children of ours found every last egg in the park.  Even Hugo picked up on the gist of things by the end, although I must admit I was the first one to break into my chocolate bunny.  And with lunch waiting at home and our full family celebration in the afternoon, the best was yet to come!

(top picture the mandatory backyard easter picture)

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