Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter, friends!  Here's a little Henri Nouwen to brighten your day:

"God says, 'I love you with an everlasting love,' and Jesus came to tell us that.  When Jesus was baptized, he heard a voice that said, 'You are my beloved, on whom God's favor rests.'  That's a very important statement that Jesus wants us to hear.  We are the Beloved, not because we did anything, not because we proved ourselves.  Basically, God loves us whatever we do.  If that's true, these few years that we are in the world, we are sent to say, in the midst of our life, 'Yes, God, I love you, too."


Ms. T. said...

What a blissfully beautiful family! Glad to see you had a fantastic Easter. Big love, friends. xoxo

Lauren Oliver said...

Gotta love Nouwen. I think I read something very similar of his recently! O=)

Adele said...

Lauren, I am quite sure you DID read it because I got it from an email I got from you. :-) Thanks for passing it along.