Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Love

::the Easter grass in its full glory
::having a "stage" in place for our Easter play meant a lot of acting
::and of course I couldn't resist using our sheet as a backdrop for pictures.
::Dying Easter eggs is a favorite activity: notice there is no shot of the state of our kitchen after this activity.  This year we discovered the idea of blending colors, which blew our minds.
My Aunt Basia makes the most beautiful mazurki.  She is one of the many artists in the family.
 ::Reading with Aunt Irene.  There's Hugo!  Hugo was sort of sick and grumpy last weekend (and this week, come to think of it... hrmph), which is why he is uncharacteristically absent from the Easter play, but he managed to have plenty of fun nevertheless.
::The men of the family chatting outside.
::Lily is starting to write a few words.  So far, the only words she feels are important enough to learn are "Lily," "Zosia," and "Baba" (what she calls my mom).  She is entirely content just writing these three words over and over and over again (come to think of it, I should have had her write the caption for this picture).  What a lucky girl to have so much love around her.

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