Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feb 21: I love

having a family of book worms!  When you love something you really hope that your kids will love it too and it has been such a pleasure to see how our kids have developed a love of reading.  Zosia is now likely to be found actually reading aloud to her siblings, Lily is often found "reading aloud" to her siblings, and Hugo just loves to look through books.  Reading to the kids never seems to get old!  

(Zosia just read this as her first chapter book the other night, and we are generally big fans of the Little Golden Books, although don't get me started on children's books, because we are sort of passionate about them around here.  Maybe I'll share some more favorites in a separate post sometime).

What have you and your kids been reading lately?


Rosie said...

The kids LOVE the Little Bear Books - lately John Paul's been reading our boxed set during naptime and he begged me to get more from the library. They also LOVE the Jellybeans books right now(I think because there's a lot of pink...) and this new book we just got called "Press Here"

Kerry said...

Little Bear has been one of my favorites as well as Frog and Toad! Boxcar Children is our newest read loud series.

Adele said...

Little Bear is great! I vividly remember reading it as a kid. Boxcar Children and Jellybeans are being added to the queue!