Friday, February 22, 2013

Feb 22: I love

The end of February feels like the heart of the winter season here in Virginia.  We have passed many days within the four walls of our home.  We have tried many arts and crafts activity, read many book, and played many games.  We're itching to get out and enjoy the feeling of warm air on our skin.  There are no more holidays to tide us over and distract us.  I can honestly say I've forgotten what summer feels like.  What is it like to be outside and feel too hot?  I don't know.

So here we are and it is cold and windy and sometimes ice falls from the sky (please don't point out what a wimp I am, people who live in actually cold climates).

This week's distractions come in the form of one of Ben's favorite dinners, Valentine's decorations which we will leave up at least until Lily's birthday, and daffodils.   When I close my eyes I think I can see spring.  

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eKay said...

Even us here in the colder climates are least those of us from the South. Spring and Summer are soon to come, I hope. The warmth of your pictures, words, and families smiles sustain me until then!