Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb 19: I love

the silly ways these three little ones help out around the house.  Here's Zosia combing my hair.  She's really good at it, and I must admit, it feels sooooo relaxing.

On a whim, Ben asked Zosia and Lily to put a diaper on Hugo (not really thinking anything would come of it).  A minute later, he walked out to see Zosia lying on the floor next to Hugo, showing him what he was to do, and Lily actually putting a diaper on him.  I am speechless.  A thousand possibilities are running through my mind right now.

And here's Hugo washing the chalkboard.  The first one is a progress picture, the second one is a picture of his completed project.  Wipe, wipe, point, and done.  You've got to start somewhere, right?


Kerry said...

What good helpers you've got! I was just talking about this with my husband yesterday, we've got to really cultivate these helping skills and the DESIRE while they still have it! Henry loves to help put away groceries and grab stuff from the basement pantry shelves. Nora likes to help cook and set the table. Now, I just need to teach them how to fold laundry and life will be soooooo much easier!

Oregon-Mama said...

One of my three year old triplets put ALL the silverware away the other day - in the right places! I was unloading the dishwasher and he totally wanted to help! Oh, I'm on to them very own team of little housekeepers! Woohoo!

Adele said...

It is true: kids have such a strong drive to help and contribute, and I am all about maximizing that! Woo hoo for little helpers!