Monday, January 14, 2013

A Saturday Outing

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than meeting friends for cupcakes?
These three are ready to take on the world together, let me tell you.
Lily loves to have pictures taken, often shouting "Look at me, mama!"  And also gets to dress herself most mornings, leading to some pretty awesome fashion choices.
Thanks for the Christmas boots, Ben (and thanks for helping him choose them, S)!
It could be our family photo at first glance.... wait, how did HE get in there?  He is really good at magic...
Zosia loves getting snuggles and tickles from her dad.  Too sweet.
Warm weather, cupcakes, and good friends.  A perfect Saturday morning, if you ask me.


Ms. T. said...

I love it! I love y'all! I need to bring our camera out more often. These little snippets of your life are so great. And here's to "bro-parenting."

Adele said...

Nice... it's the parenting equivalent of the bromance. I was bummed the pictures from the cupcake shop didn't turn out. Next time!