Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Warm and Dry


The storm has passed, and we are just fine.  The kids and I decamped to my parents house on Monday night (one of the many times I'm so thankful to have family nearby), and I'm thankful we did: the winds were strong, and while we were lucky enough to escape any downed trees, a slightly different course of the storm might have been more dangerous.  When we headed back home on Tuesday morning, we were out of power, but a cheery Ben and Selma greeted us at the door and we made the best of the rest of the day.  We learned that not only are roasted hotdogs delicious, but so are roasted meatballs.  Who would have known?  We saw many neighhbors, friends and family over the course of the day and were the beneficiaries of much kindness from those who did not lose power: a generator from Ben's parents to run a space heater for the kids room, a delicious meal and good company to tide us through the evening from friends, and many offers for assistance.  There's something about a storm that really brings people together.

The power switched on this morning and my chilly ears said thank you.  Sending love and prayers to those across the east coast who are still reckoning with this storm's aftermath.