Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm

 :: A little breakfast on the deck and a quiet game of chess (I taught the girls how to move a pawn and a bishop and called it a day, letting them play with the pieces on their own, which they seemed to find much more entertaining anyway).  Looking at the pictures from this weekend, it's hard to believe that a storm is rapidly moving this way along with all sorts of drama.  We have plenty of candles, books, and creativity ready and are prepared to spend the next few days indoors.  No school, work from home, and many prayers that this storm is gentle to us and others on the east coast.  Wishing you and yours safety, too.


Alina said...

Wishing for safety your way and that is not as bad as they think it will be. Also a bit of selfishness in that wish since we are heading to VA, DC, and Maryland starting on Wednesday of next week for my father's retirment ceremony from the Army.

jenbavani said...

Hope you all stayed dry and safe in the storm and that you didn't have an electrical surge that killed your washing machine...

Adele said...

Wishing safety for you too! I hope you're enjoying your trip and this beautiful post-storm weather.

Adele said...

We did stay dry and safe and thankfully the washer did too, which is a miracle because otherwise it seems to be the year of the broken washer. :-)

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