Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Skeleton, a Purple Monster and a Mouse

There must be some wonderful story about three such characters, don't you think?  We had some strong creative opinions about Halloween costumes this year, and in the end I made the kids exactly what they wanted.  Zosia has transitioned into a real "scary" costume this year (She would be upset if I told her she's much too cute to actually be scary) and wanted to be a skeleton.  Lily decided she wanted to be a purple monster, so I did my best.  I've never actually seen a purple monster, but there's a first time for everything.  Hugo on the other hand just got dressed in an old costume from the dress up box: the one that Zosia wore when she was one, that Lily wore when she was one, and that Hugo gets to wear now that he is one.  

It may be true that I ended up heading over to a friend's house to iron on some white felt late last night and stitching a monster hat by firelight, but what is motherhood without some procrastination?  Blackout or not, Halloween only comes once a year.

Happy Halloween!  And maybe I'll pop over here tomorrow to tell you about the candy fairy, because we are hoping she visits our neck of the woods tonight.


Cara said...

Wow, Adele- I can't believe you made those costumes! You're so talented! The one-eyed purple monster is brilliant.

Adele said...

Thanks cara! I can't wait to see what your kids wore.

Kerry said...

They all look great! I loooove seeing all these little cuties in their costumes!

Funnelcloud Rachel said...

What adorable costumes - handmade costumes are the best! And I hope you got your power back on & survived the storm without damage!

Adele said...

Thank you, Rachel! We were just fine: there was only a power outage for about 36 hours, for which we were thankful. I hope your family fared well during the storm, too!

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