Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The First Day


We gently woke her up before her siblings, and when she looked at us quizzically, all we had to say was "It's your first day of school" for her to bound out of bed.  Over breakfast, just the three of us, me Ben and Zosia, she smiled and simply said, "I can't believe the first day of school has come."  I think she's been looking forward to this for a long time.

We got her out the door just barely in time, but I think she had everything she needed: backpack, lunch box, morning snack, and a thermos of milk.  We've been keeping busy with an out of town guest and a few morning outings.  Lily looks up at me every now and then and asks, "Where is Zosh?" and we spend a few minutes imagining what she might be doing.  Lunch time?  Recess?  Reading time?  

She's home in a few minutes, and I can't wait.  What a great adventure.

And for a trip down nostalgia lane, here she is her first day of preschool, two years ago (that's a bird's nest she wanted to take in to show her class in the basket):

and on her first day of preschool last year:


eKay said...

I can not believe how much she has grown, even since last time i was there.

One and Doll said...

OMG- I cannot believe it! Wow. Zosia is so freaking big and honestly, so leggy!

I so wish that I knew her better! My prayers for her always though...
Love to you all!


Adele said...

I know she truly is so grown up (and tall! I think she's one of the youngest in her class, but one of the tallest). I can hardly believe it.