Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The week that brought us...

:: swim lessons, the Olympics, and milestones left and right
:: a (future Olympic, she says) diver (Zosia)
:: an underwater swimmer (Lily)
:: a toddler (hm... I still think of him as the baby, but he really has become a toddler, hasn't he?) who is so fast I can hardly keep up with him.  He climbs up and down stairs, onto tables, chairs, and right into the pool.  We are all delighting in his new found spirit of adventure, and I am also giving thanks to the fact that he still loves a good snuggle.  He is still my baby after all.
:: the girls' first sleepover at their grandparent's house, which went so well, and I'm sure will be etched in their memory well into adulthood.  There's nothing like the adventure of sleeping in new beds paired with the company of people you love and crepes for breakfast.  I was a little surprised at how fearlessly they marched forth, but upon reflection realized that they are very secure in their attachment, confident, and feel utterly safe with their grandparents.  Lucky girls.

Growth is such a funny thing.  Spending each day with this kids, I can hardly notice it.  And then when I look back a few months I hardly recognize what I'm looking at.  What a magical thing, parenthood.

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