Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From Ben's Phone

Because I always love seeing what other people find beautiful and interesting, here are a few pictures off of Ben's phone over the past half year or so (all pictures his, except, I think, the one of Ben hugging a Christmas tree). It was fun for me to get a different perspective into this little family of ours! I hope you enjoy it, too.


amandaginn said...

Those are beautiful photos!

I haven't been to your blog for a long time; I did Kerry's "I Love" 2010. Glad to have found you again.

What kind of effect did you use on the photos, with what program? I love the simplicity of the photos, enhanced by the finishing touches -- frames and antiquing/fading effect.

Adele said...

Thank you! It's so nice to "bump into" you again, too. :-) For the photos, Ben has an app for his android called "pixlr-o-matic" which has a filter called "Anne": you can also select the frame and some light effects... I imagine similar filters exist online for photos you've taken with your camera. Let me know if you find a good one!