Tuesday, August 7, 2012



Hugo has learned to climb with utter passion and singularity of focus.  He still engages in other activities, like eating, playing, and the mandatory snuggle.  But if you look deep in his eyes, you will see the truth revealed: he really wants to be climbing.  And if you leave him unattended for a mere second, he will follow his heart... onto a table, couch, chair, toilet.  Anything that is on hand, really.  And then when he is on top, he will pick up anything within reach and throw it to the ground and do a little victory dance.  You see, Hugo really knows how to live the good life.

Much of my time these past days has been spent moderating his newfound hobby.  Keeping an eagle eye on him seems to be key, because even when I have completely babyproofed everything, his ingenuity finds a way around my obstacles.  Perhaps he will be an engineer like his daddy, this one.  

These days I am endlessly thankful for two little girls who delight in imaginary play both by themselves and together.  I will find little clues to their storylines: a face made of flowers (above, made by Lily), an invitation carefully written out to a "nachr parte" (nature party), and a little story drafted on the chalkboard.  Sometimes all it takes for creative play to blossom is for a parent to stay out of the way, don't you think?

Some of my favorite moments have occurred while watching the girls take care of their little brother.  Yesterday while I was getting dinner ready, Zosia literally chased him up and down the hallway for 15 minutes.  I think it tired both of them out in a good way, and it was the only thing that kept Hugo from, you guessed it, climbing on the table.  And then today when I needed a few minutes to pick up the house, Lily entertained Hugo for a good one hour (!) on our very baby-proofed deck.  I peeked out on them every few minutes, and was delighted to find Lily singing (quite loudly, as she is prone to do) "YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND, BROTHER!"  

Siblings are absolutely the best.

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