Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Crafty Corner

Here is a classic example of life with three little kids.  Over a year ago, I set up a crafty little corner in our living room where I could sew, store some basic things like needles and sewing scissors, and generally steal away for a few moments here and there to get some mending done or make something.  And here I am one year later only now getting around to blogging about it!  

There are so so often little things that need to be "fixed" a bit around here: a dress that needs to be altered to fit a growing girl, straps to a sundress that need to be reattached, or even a bathing suit (for mama) that needs to be redesigned a bit to stay decent while holding a grabby toddler.  Our house is small, and it is generally wise to keep anything essential in the main living area (so I can do a little something with kids at my feet).  And so I carved out a teeny tiny little corner where I could place a table, chair, sewing machine and a few essential supplies.

I have used this little corner so much this past year!  I sewn Christmas bags and smocks for the little girls and have hemmed countless dresses.  The trick really is to have everything out and ready to use, not stored away in storage containers in the basement, which was my previous set up.  I have found that when one shops at the thrift store, it is handy to be able to make some alterations on garments, and all of a sudden that makes your selection much larger.  A too-large dress can become a cute skirt, a too-small skirt can become an apron, a men's shirt can become a boy's romper, etc.  It just takes a bit of creativity!

And the great joy of this little crafty space is that it was nearly free to set up.  Corner desk courtesy of my sweet neighbor Jen, painted chair overflow from our dining table, storage for thread for a dollar from the thrift store, and embroidery hoops also found on the cheap at the thrift store and outfitted with scraps of fabric (which we switch out based on our mood and the season).

What have you done with little corners in your house?  Any inspiration for "crafty" spaces?


SELENA said...

love it. and thanks for sharing. its been a year since i had my little one and seems just about impossible to find a moment to sit and stitch. but this gives me a little idea for my own crafty corner. and maybe than my kitchen table with be used for dinner instead of crafty chaos.


Adele said...

Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.