Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lickety Split

Warning: If you're a family member and hoping for a Christmas surprise, you may want to read no further! Christmas secrets are being divulged below!

Christmas making is in full swing around here! This past summer, when I saw some thick upholstery fabric on sale in bright colorful prints, I couldn't resist. I knew just what I would use it for: some tote bags for women in the family (of which there are many!). After all, there are so many bright colorful women in my family, and I have learned that a tote bag is always nice to have around. Last year I made several classic totes to give as gifts: they were a hit, but I was looking for more of a messenger bag style, and I stumbled upon the lickety split pattern: so cute, and really quite fun to make! And even though the pattern is $6, I've already made eight and have several to go, so I think it's worth it!

Here's what I like about it: it's reversible. Above is one of the totes one way.

And reversed! And it has a total of four pockets, which is handy for keys and wallets and things like that.

Also, I learned that one yard of fabric can actually make two bags (if you're willing to patch one of the sides together from two pieces of fabric), so I threw in some tote bags for preschool teachers, because they're just so wonderful. And of course, most importantly, they really are lickety split to make, even from little pieces of time stolen here and there.

Any other christmas crafting happening out there?

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Anonymous said...

holy cow I am love with all of those bags! I am going to have to treat myself to that pattern.

xo Annie