Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby snuggles

Is it just me, or do baby snuggles get sweeter with each baby in the family?  Maybe it's that as a mom of older kids, you're keenly aware of the fact that the snuggly phase will pass.  Or maybe you've just gotten to enjoy so many over the years that you've developed a real fondness for a cozy warm baby.  The other day, as Ben and I were getting ready for a class I was about to teach (from our home, which requires a bit of prep work, as you can imagine), Hugo expressed the clear desire to be held.  He's usually our super easy independent baby, so I try to indulge him when he needs a little more attention.  The result?  A sling baby who was happy to snuggle up and come along with me as I did my chores.  I think we were both happy with the arrangement.

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