Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dinner Outside

It's one of those things that will never cease to put a smile on my face.  Dinner on the deck with four family members whom I adore (not counting Selma the dog, who lingers under Hugo's highchair hoping something will drop).  Above: the menu tonight was barbecue chicken thighs (quite the economical cut of meat!  And very flavorful), grilled sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli.   We had popsicles for dessert, which ended up being the perfect segue into a warm bath, because it was one of those days that feels warm but then becomes chillllly.   And there's Hugo's first post-work commute snuggle with Ben, who had just gotten off of his bike and is still in his biking clothes, or, as Zosia likes to put it, "Daddy's wearing tights!"  

I guess I get excited about this every year around this time.  Ha!  Life certainly is cyclical.

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