Thursday, January 26, 2012

All in a Day

I'm still sans camera over here: but you know what's funny? Since using my phone to take pictures, it's actually become easier to chronicle little things. I suppose it's something about being liberated from that clunky camera that makes it easier to capture candid moments here and there. When I look over my pictures from the last few days, they seem to speak more to what our daily experience is around here. We spent the day with our table covered in drawing paper. It lasted us through a playdate, a quiet time, and served as a lovely tablecloth for dinner.

While waiting for some papers to print for an upcoming birth class, I popped over and enjoyed a cup of tea all by myself. For old time's sake, I bought a newspaper to go with it, but after reading a few pages, just put the paper down and enjoyed a moment of lovely peace. News is overrated.

And what would the day be without a nice evening routine? How did these guys know the drill so perfectly well? And now, just as the kids are all tucked in bed, I slip out the door for a little get together with the neighborhood ladies. Isn't it amazing how much life fits into one single day?

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Irene said...

I love those photos! They have that old-time "Wonder Years" kind of quality to them, which makes them all the better!