Friday, January 27, 2012

On the Move

I believe I'm ready to make the call: Hugo is a crawler. After weeks of scooting, rolling, and awkward flailing, he has it down, and can get into all sorts of trouble. Alright, Hugo! Now the fun starts. Lily has already figured out she has to watch out.

Would it shock you to learn hamburgers are our guilty pleasure? With not one, but two amazing burger places in the hood, we are spoiled. One has better burgers, but the other has sweet potato fries. It's a tough call, I tell you! The order is generally 2 cheesburgers with some interesting toppings, one hamburger with ketchup, mustard, and one pickle, one hamburger with just ketchup, and some fries to share. And if we've been good, two chocolate shakes to pass around. Bonus points to anyone who can guess whose is whose. I'll call Hugo "The French Fries Grabber," although it actually looks like Ben is the one who's about to grab Lily's fries.


Anonymous said...

Jeff thinks burger7 might me our new hangout because they have onion rings! yum!

xo Annie

Adele said...

It's true! Their sides are amazing.