Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Recipes

We have been enjoying Every Day Food shows and recipes for the past few weeks now. Simple, tasty, and usually a little bit interesting, plus the recipes are well organized and easily accessible on their website. Last night's menu: Braised Mediterranean Chicken and Polenta from the "Cheap Cuts" episode (of course I am a sucker for such a title!). The girls have been quite the hands in the kitchen! I didn't have to chop a single vegetable last night. Just the thing to mix things up in the kitchen.

What have you been cooking?


The Benningtons said...

I made Arroz con pollo (Colombia) from the Extending the Table World Community Cookbook tonight. Simple ingredients, but so much flavor! And the best part: my 2 year olds gobbled it up! :)

Adele said...

You know, I've never used that cookbook! Do you find that you use it a lot? Would you recommend it? Yum, Arroz con pollo sounds delicious!